Just Do You: Cause Being You is The Best


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The above statement took quite some time before it resonated deep within my subconscious. The moment I decided I wanted to start living the life of my dreams of becoming a best-selling author, world class speaker and successful entrepreneur, suddenly, “I” wasn’t good enough to become all those things.

When you look at other successful people living the life you’re dreaming of, you may feel as if what you’re trying to do is impossible. How can you possibly achieve all those things by just being you?

From my own personal experience, I felt like I needed to play by the rules and follow closely what people who were living dreams like mine were doing. But after numerous failed attempts and frustration, it was time to take a different approach. Screw everyone, it’s time to do me.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have persons you look up to inspire you to get to their level or higher, but quit with the comparisons of measuring yourself against people who have surpassed your level of accomplishments.

Somehow, when you start comparing yourself to others or saying you don’t think you’re good enough, you tend to forget that they were once where you are at now. Likewise, they also had their moments of doubts and insecurities about their ability to achieve their greatness, but they kicked those destructive feelings of inadequacies to the curb and kept going no matter what.

After getting to know the real me, I realized that I can’t fit in with the crowd. I want to stand out like a Muslim boarding an airplane. Ok, well maybe not in that manner, but you catch the drift.

Fuck the norm, I’m going to do what resonates deep within myself. Writing this post, I could just imagine the writing critics who’ll cringe at every grammatically incorrect sentence, but you know what, make a wild guess……

“I’m being Me, cause being me is the BEST!!!!”

Life is wayyyy too short to spend it trying to live up to other people’s expectations. Spend your days on this earth discovering you for all your greatness.

Today’s task, look yourself in the mirror and say, “I rock, I love being me.” Continue to Work towards being the best you that you can be because…… drum roll………

Being You is the Best.



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