How This Blog Can Help You

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My life sucked. Every area in my life needed dire repairs such as self-esteem was low viewed myself as a complete failure, my marriage at the time fell apart due to both physical and verbal abuse, finances were riddled with debts due to shopping addictions and I was broken emotionally/wanted to give up so many times.

 I was fed up of the constant hurt so I thought and made the attempt to end it all. Luckily my attempt was futile. I found solace in writing. All my hurt, pain, insecurities and fears were poured onto paper and I immediately felt an inner sense of peace.

Writing transcended my thinking into a world of hope and possibilities. Decided to close the door to my past and start writing new chapters for the way I wanted my life to be.

My life now – AMAZING! Wrote a successful self-help book, “Awake to A New You.” Quit my job of 10 years to start my own business consulting company and to pursue my dreams of becoming a world-class transformation speaker and bestselling author. And, I am now in a wonderful relationship with my best friend/soul mate.

So, how did all this happen? It happened with a mindset shift. I decided to work on repairing each area in my life and start living the life of my dreams. A plan was then put in place which caused my transformational mindset shift. I’m now living and actively pursuing my dreams and I would love for you to jump on board.

This blog can help you to start living the life you only imagined. My experiences have taught me life lessons which I’ll share with you of course, But it’s not just about me, this blog is also about you.

We can help each other by sharing words of advice and encouragement when needed. Let’s build a strong network where everyone’s opinions are shared openly and we help each other achieve our goals.

I’m excited to begin the journey towards our successes, are you ready to join in? Subscribe to this blog for daily doses of inspiration and become a part of a life-changing experience.


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