Never Give Up

Wow! It’s been awhile since my last post which was written on January 5th,2017. So much has transpired since then. I took a huge jump and resigned from my day job to start my own consulting business. Exactly one month after resigning, I found out I was pregnant.

My consulting business did not take off as planned and the news of becoming pregnant somehow didn’t feel as good knowing that I had no stable source of income to raise this little unexpected bundle of joy.

I was depressed. I was scared. I was completely taken by surprise. But thankfully I had someone by my side who kept telling me, “Don’t worry we are in this together, we will make it work no matter what.” That someone is my husband, who after hearing the news immediately remarked, “We gotta get rich fast.”

So gears were immediately shifted and I had to readjust my thinking from despair to hope and from hope to belief. I kept telling my little one who started growing inside of me that, ” Mummy and Daddy are going to find a way to take care of you.”

My consulting business offered customer service training for company employees but due to the declining economy, companies started to lay off workers so my services didn’t seem so valuable. My husband on the other hand started making  ice cream,  the  business was started on a small scale.

It didn’t take me long to realize after that maybe I should focus on building my husband’s ice cream business instead of my consulting for other companies. I went back to the drawing board, redrafted my business plan and started working to help transform my husband’s small ice cream business.

That decision worked out quite nicely as I was able to still do what I love but just from a different angle. My consulting company now focuses on helping small business owners build a successful business. Using our ice cream business as our first client showed me all the things that are required to run a successful business which includes all the mistakes that we made along the way.

Now I can safely say that our ice cream business is becoming a huge success. We have plans to expand from a small local home based business to a global brand with Haagen Dazs being our mentor.

We still have a long way to go to get there but we are already on the way. This entire experience has taught me that sometimes we may want or expect that things should go a certain way in our lives but that’s sometimes not the case.

When things don’t seem to go as planned, there are always bigger and better things in store for you. Maintain a positive mindset and believe that everything will work out no matter what trials or tribulations you face. Most importantly,

Do not give up on your dreams.

Each day I get the opportunity to live out my dream so keep at it no matter what, even when the going gets tough.

Article was inspired from my Aunt who overcame life’s toughest challenges and still continues to be the best that she can be. Love you always.13208598245_b71e3e0fc5_z


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