Men at Starbucks, was it just race or dress code?

Men arrested at Starbucks caused quite an uproar. After reading the initial story, I’ll be honest it didn’t surprise me because these things do happen yes even up to this day racial profiling is still very much prevalent, but whilst everyone was looking at it from a racist angle, I decided to go beyond that. I’m not one to think like the masses. I’m simply just me. And if I’m looking at a situation, I’ll look at it from different angles to rouse different opinions so here goes.

Please bear in mind that this is solely my opinion being shared, remember that we all have freedom of speech, entitlements to our own opinions etc so you can agree to disagree if you want to.

I watched the interview with the gentlemen on ABC news. I’ll provide the link, feel free to watch. My first thoughts whilst watching the interview was, “I wonder if these guys were dressed differently for this business meeting, if the employee would have noticed or even felt compelled to call the police.”

Let’s picture it, two well dressed guys, shirt and tie or if it’s a casual meeting maybe just a shirt, hair trimmed not plaits sticking out all over the place, beard well-groomed etc. If this was the case would that situation still arise. The guys did indicate on the interview that they went to meet a potential business associate for a real estate meeting.

Now guys I’ll be honest if I went to purchase a property and those guys came to me to try and sell me a house, dressed the way they were dressed in Starbucks I would not be buying any houses or anything from them simply because they’re not dressed appropriately. Going back to an old saying that the youths of today seem to forget, “Dress for the job you want.” The way you look does matter. People judge you based on what they see.

So looking at some cases of black men who commit crimes their attire looks gangstarish( I know that’s not a word but forgive me it’s the only word that popped in my mind). Yes, I know there are white collar crimes also, but the case right now involves two black men who fits the look of persons who are inclined to commit crimes. I am in no way implying that everyone who dresses the way they were dressed fits that profile, but we must admit that the way we dress says a lot about us and we look at a persons dress code to determine if we want to do any business with that person.

To help further elaborate my point let me use an example. If a homeless person comes into your store, what’s the first thing you’ll do? Tell them to exit because they look funky and they sure as hell smell funky. But if someone comes in looking and smelling decent you’ll allow that person to stay. So, going back to the case of the 2 guys the way they were dressed also played a contributing factor not just because of their skin color.

In the employee’s eyes, the way they dressed highlighted the fact that they are 2 black men who came into Starbucks, didn’t purchase anything so they must be up to something hence the reason she placed the call to the police. But I am almost certain if they were dressed more professionally including the fact that it’s supposedly a business meeting, then the employee may not have felt any sort of threat based on the way they looked.

In closing, I’ll like to add. There are some things we cannot change. Racism is one of those things that will always be around no matter what as there are people out there who refuse to accept that we are all created equal. We as individuals can empower ourselves to change the way we think and act to become better individuals. We can rise above negativity, replacing it with a positive thinking mindset. We can choose the type of life we want to have and spend our time creating our best life.

But to do these things it starts with us acknowledging that we want to create that change firstly within ourselves by becoming the best that we can be. When you start thinking that way you will realize that persons around you and situations around you will now adapt to the energy that you are giving out. And even if you do find yourself in a negative situation, you’re going to be far more equipped to deal with it as you possess the proper mindset.

So, to the gentlemen at Starbucks, forget about this incident and move on. See yourselves as professional business men. Start thinking, acting and yes dressing that way and soon your situation will change, and more opportunities will come your way when you “Dress for Success!”

Of course not only my opinion counts, would love to hear yours. Feel free to share.


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