The Art of Letting Go

I got up a bit earlier this morning as my husband was not in bed. He’s coming down with a bug so he couldn’t sleep, rather than crawl back into my comfortable bed, I sat in the living room with him and we watched a movie. The “Great Gatsby” a show I always wanted to see was showing. It was quite good and as usual Leonardo DiCaprio captivated that role and embodied that character so perfectly. I admire his acting skills greatly. The movie had quite a lot of twists and turns and it ended on a tragic note. I couldn’t help but wonder how things we sometimes wish and hope for don’t come true.

Not to be a spoiler for those who haven’t seen it. He fell deeply in love with a beautiful young woman but he was dirt poor and she was rich. He decided to put his love for her on hold to pursue riches but she couldn’t wait for him and married someone else. Everything he acquired was all done for her and in the end he believed with all his heart that she will leave her husband and they will finally be together. But that fairy tale did not have a happy ending as he died a sad and lonely death.

It brings me to the point that in our actual lives not just in movies we sometimes wish or hope that things we want will come to us however it doesn’t always go as we believe it would. We sometimes feel exactly like that sad and lonely when things we want aren’t realized. So what can we do to prevent us from feeling that way. We can let go of all expectations and not expect that everything will all work out, try to accept this fate and be OK even if it doesn’t go the way we should.

It’s definitely a hard pill to swallow especially if what we want means so much to us, but we need to understand that nothing in this world is perfect so it’s unfair on our part to put our entire hope into something we want. If it happens “hooray” if it doesn’t, “good riddance” I’ll still be better off with or without it.” Try to find that balance within you where you can still manage without the things you truly want.

If you can start the process of letting go of the things we want, you will unattach yourself from any outcome. There is a saying, ‘Let it go and if it comes back you know it’s meant to be” but my take on that is, if you let go with the expectation that it’ll come back have you truly let it go.

But if you let it go with the knowledge that this might never come back but you’re still OK with letting go then you have mastered the art of letting go. You’ve removed yourself from all expectations and can now live your life with that sense of peace with or without it.


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